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How to Allow Cookies in Gmail on Different Web Browsers?

There is no doubt that we have developed ourselves with time. This pace of development was quite slow in ancient times but with the passage of time, we have gained a significant velocity.

Today, we can get what we want in just a fraction of minutes. Due to the internet, everything has now been made faster. If there is a thing present on the other side of the world, we can get that thing in just a few minutes through digital mediums.

But we have to pay something to earn something and for these luxuries, we pay in terms of our internet data. Whatever we do on the internet has some data associated with it. In technical words, there is always some sort of footprints associated with every website. In this blog, Gmail Technical Support has talked about the cookies used by different web browsers to enhance a user’s experience. Though cookies are good most of the times but on some occasions, it hinders our internet speed by sending unwanted data packets to the server.

Whatever browser you are using, there is an option of allowing or disallowing cookies on it. Read and follow the below-mentioned steps in order to get your results:

  • If you are using the chrome then go to the toolbar and there select the more option. You can identify this button by looking the three dotted icons on the top right of the page.
  • In more window, choose the settings column and after that choose advanced settings. 
  • Now, on the privacy window, select the content setting column.
  • Now, you have to allow the data to be set automatically. For this, press the button that says ‘allow the data to be set (recommended)’.
  • By the last step you settings have been done but you need to reflect your changes and for that choose the done button.

These were the simplest steps that you can follow to see your results. You can contact Gmail Technical Support Number Australia +(61)283206011 from your phone to get any further help. This support team can assist you in any problem. Just call and inform them.

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